About Us

Our Mission Statement

In 1989, the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, Inc . was created as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation was created to provide disadvantage youth with educational opportunities through scholarships and internships, to foster partnerships with corporations, and to stimulate economic and social growth within our communities by exploring relevant issues at our annual conference. The annual conference is a forum for providing the citizens of Missouri with information regarding pertinent issues which affect their lives and their communities.

The Foundation sponsors an annual forum to educate disadvantaged and minority youth about the importance of the legislative process and to explore issues which have a significant effect on their communities and lives. Youth from throughout the state attend the conference, at the expense of the Foundation, to participate in this forum with their legislators, educators and other conference participants. Based on the evaluations and responses received from participants, the Foundation’s conference has been an impetus to further educate both youth and adults.

The motto of the Foundation is Building A Brighter Future for African American Families. This theme is the guiding force for the operation of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus Foundation.