Message from the President

kurlsAs Foundation President, I’d like to take this moment to express my deep gratitude to all who have provided continued support of our mission. In 2013, our organization awarded $65,000 in scholarships. To date, we’ve given nearly $1.3 million in academic scholarships and continue to support these students through worthwhile leadership opportunities.

Our prospects are abundant and our challenges many. What we make of this is crucial to the rebuilding efforts in our schools, neighborhoods and businesses throughout the state. Today, more than ever, we must make this organization a catalyst for creating change in our communities and continue the efforts to be ever vigilant and focused on our mission.

Our organization was built on a foundation devoted to the inspirational vision set forth by its creators nearly 30 years ago. Our focus, to create positive outcomes for families and future generations, goes hand in hand with this year’s theme. With continued strong support and steadfast dedication, we will continue “Building a Brighter Future for Missouri Families.”


Representative Gail McCann Beatty